The Trek’s Assessment

After seven days in the nature between Skógar and Landmannalaugar, we gave up the warm sources and the walking trails to spend our last day in the capitale, Reykjavik. We wandered around a bit and visited some museums and then we were on our way to the airport. It was time for us to make an assessment of our adventure.

The country

No need to get back on the beauty of the landscapes we walked past. I don’t doubt the rest of the country is as beautiful and I will come back if I have the opportunity. Icelandic people are very welcoming and nice, at least those we met. Of these people we must exclude the night guard of the airport who shouted at us all night long ‘You can not sleep here ! And we thought ‘But what does he it matter so much to you ?’.

The capital can be worth a visit but only for a short time (2 days tops). And you should go on Fridays or Saturdays to enjoy the nightlife. Then it’s up to you to decide if you go there before or after your trek… It also depends on how you cope with the trek…

Last thing, you mustn’t forget that everything is expensive on site, so you should be organised as far as transport, accomodation and food are concerned.

The Trek

It’s a physical and mental wonderful challenge. Your body gets used to the climate and the forst days are usually harder than the last ones. To find yourself alone to walk across Fimmvörðuháls or the desert region of Emstrur without meeting anyone else is an amazing experience.

And should we say about the landscapes we saw ? Every side of the mountains had its own beauty. It could change in less than a few meters. And we could see those changes because we were lucky the weather was nice.

We don’t regret doing it the way we did it. It’s true the slopes were higher but ending up in Landmannalaugar with its hot sources and its quiet walks without backpacks was a great prize to us.

The Equipment

If my bag, my tent and my sleeping bag were satisfactory to me despite the rain, the wind and the cold, the problem came from my clothes. They were not waterploof enough, bulky and not handy. Next time I’ll be choosing them more carefully.

Freeze-dried meals did the job. They’re not as disgusting as we could believe they are, but they are definitely too salty. They’re worth it because you can have food for seven days for less than four kilos. They’re essential on the trek because there’s absolutely nothing on the road.

And stop buying big gas demijohns, those at the campsites are almost full ! And for a short trip a small demi-john is enough when you only used to make water boil and to prepare coffee three times a day.

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