Careful preparation and slow start

Iceland, here we come !
Landscapes, huge spaces, a few people… A lot of reasons led us to chose Iceland as a new destination. Moreover we wanted to take a break from the modern world and Iceland seemed the perfect place for it. So let’s go for the famous trek from Skogar to Landmannalaugar !


No need of visa to fly to Iceland. The country is part of the Schengen zone, there’s no border control.

We booked our plane tickets 2 months in advance so we had a reasonable price.

Finally we looked carefully at the trek and the map of the area before departure thanks to the internet, so that we got ready. Most of the trail can be done on your own, meaning you are self-sufficient. It’s important to be conscious of what it implies.

You can find all the other informations (buses, campsites/refuges, weather…) online.

The backpack

Hey, we’re gonna suffer from our backpack. We’ve never done any trek for a few days in a row but it seemed obvious that you pay for a too heavy backpack. Nevertheless the minimal list of things you need seems quite long : to camp (a tent, a sleeping bag, a air bed, a camping stove, towels and hygiene), food (cereal bars, a two-liter water bottle), clothes (T-shirts, underwear, rain trousers), technologies (phone, batteries, camera)…

In total my bag weighted 18,2kg at the start of the trek (with the two water liters). The weight of the food we had to carry was 3.8 kilos.

It was therefore essential to buy a good quality backpack to avoid back problems. And the equipement we took could have been lighter, above all the sleeping bag, which was heavy (1.95KG) and bulky but it’s everyone’s choice to find a great compromise between weight/quality/price.


Last check of the bag. We’ve got our passport so let’s go to the airport. After taking the bus and the tramway, we checked in, we boarded and the flight went well. When we arrived it was less nice : I found my backpack wet (as half of my things inside). So I chose to have everything dry but as our bus was scheduled for 4.30 (we arrived at 1 in the morning), I thought I could nap for a while. But the security staff comes every fifteen minutes to wake up those who want to sleep…

In short you can ad this to the four-hour bus trip and we finally arrived in Skogar. It’s raining and we’re already tired. We put ou tent, eat the first freeze-dried food and spent our first night in Iceland, with the sound of the amazing waterfall of Skogafoss.

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