After cycling the Eurovelo 6, we are ready to go back on the road as soon as possible. But this time, we are looking for the true cultural clash ! Winter is coming, so we start thinking about Asia, where the dry season just begins. Bikes, sun… what else ?

5929km by bike
5 countries crossed
119 days on the road
71 nights at local place


During this journey, we wrote in live from the road. So the articles are written without filter or hindsight but just as we experienced things. We hope that they reflected our minds and spirits of the moment. Because it was the best way to speak about the countries and people.

  1. Jet Lag at Ho Chi Minh City
  2. Meeting Vietnam
  3. Vietnam : End of the First Stage
  4. Cambodia, a country with two faces
  5. A day at Angkor
  6. Change of plan in Thailand
  7. Half way in Bangkok
  8. The Thai Russian Mountains
  9. Thailand, The Smiling Country
  10. Malaysia, last stage of our trip
  11. In between the wild and the urban jungles
  12. The end of coconuts

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  1. Tracé du GR10 GR10 Let' go ! (French only)
  2. Tracé de l'EuroVélo 6 Eurovelo 6 Let' go !
  3. Tracé de Landmannalaugar Landmannalaugar Let' go !
  4. Divers Others Let' go !