Weekend at Barcelona

A weekend may seem a short time to travel but it’s always the opportunity to get some fresh air. We enjoyed the cheap flights of this antepenultimate weekend to flee the Parisian climate and we went to Barcelona for four days.

It’s not very diverting to be in Paris in December. The few trees there are have all lost their leaves. It rains and it’s cold. Everything looks ugly.

While surfing the web we ended up on the prices of tickets to all destinations in Europe of a low cost plane company. We were thoughtful of the carbon impact on the environment but spending six months under a grey weather was worth a little bit of sun. After a quick chat, we made our decision : we wanted to go south and enjoy warm temperatures.

I had a friend in Barcelona, so we looked up at the weather there and we were speechless. Ten minutes later we had bought our tickets and I was calling my friend there, who happened to be away this weekend. Too bad.

Then we were looking for an accomodation and after comparing the prices of guest houses we booked on Air BnB for the first time. A big bedroom at someone’s place, and for a reasonable price although the taxes of the website are expensive. Moreover, our host was really nice. He gave us a bottle of wine and took some time to talk about the city with a map, things we shouldn’t miss there.

So here you can read what we did and enjoyed.

Wandering around

We had a almost perfect weather for the four days. The sun was shining all day long and the temperatures were unknown to Paris at that time of the year. We spent a great part of our time to enjoy the sun we missed so much.

We started by the gothic neighbourhood and the small streets of the old town. The colours and the lights are beautiful. Life starts quite late there, around 5 or 6pm. But it’s packed at once. You can hear music, parts of conversations from bars and small restaurants. The architecture is motley and is full of surprises. We finished our day with the Ciutadella park and its waterfall…. Amazing !

We went to Montjuic half a day. The hill has many parks at different levels and the small roads end up to the castle. From there the point of view on the city and the harbour is wonderful.

Finally we spent an afternoon in the very famous Guell park. It seemed surprisingly crowed at that time of year but it was so sunny that wandering around the tiny alleys was very enjoyable. Well done, Gaudi !

Barcelone Barcelone


The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) also surprised us by the quality of its collection, and in particular by the part on the Middle Ages. A certain amount of its paintings seemed amazingly modern for that time to us. Of course, the rest of the museum is also worth a quick sight. The visit ends under the roofs, with a path all around the building which allows to see the city from a different angle. It was very enjoyable thanks to the sun… For your information, the museum is free every Saturday afternoon. But we saw that piece of information the day after, once we were there.

The museum organises the Font Magica show in the evening right in front of the building. The fountain waters are coloured and danced in rythm with the latest music hits for around twenty minutes. Nice but apparently it’s only in winter.

Barcelone, Font Màgica


We indulged ourselves a small pleasure during the weekend : the Transbordador Aeri, a cable car which crosses the harbour and gives you a very beautiful view on the sea on one side and on the city on the other. Ok, it costs 11 euros for four minutes, it’s very expensive but it’s amazing.


More pictures of the trip are available on our Instagram feed. Feel free to use the comments to ask anything about the city or their activities.

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