Looking for a first bicycle tour long enough but not impossible, we have found quick enough the Eurovelo 6. The famous "road of rivers" goes through Europe from West to East for 5000 kilometers… This is the challenge we need !

5892km by bike
9 countries crossed
78 days on the road
57 nights at locals place


During this journey, we wrote in live from the road. So the articles are written without filter or hindsight but just as we experienced things. We hope that they reflected our minds and spirits of the moment. Because it was the best way to speak about the countries and people. You can also have a look at our advices (in french) to make easier your preparation.

  1. How it starts
  2. First pedal strokes
  3. Towards The East
  4. The End of Holidays
  5. Our neighbors
  6. Assault at the Danube
  7. Along the seawall
  8. Welcome home
  9. The End
  10. Our Trip Report

You can also have a look on the journey photos album on our Facebook page and like your favorites !

  1. Tracé du GR10 GR10 Let' go ! (French only)
  2. Tracé de l'Asie South-east Asia Let' go !
  3. Tracé de Landmannalaugar Landmannalaugar Let' go !
  4. Divers Others Let' go !