Dear you, welcome on our blog ! You will find some stories about our journeys and some advices that, we hope, will help you or motivate you to make your first steps (or wheek) on the road !

We are moving to the road for the first time in july 2015. This is not two weeks holidays this day, but the real departure ! With the end of our classic life and an unknown return date, we are going to travel by bicycle or backpack to different places. The plan is simple : discover stuffs, challenge ourselves and meet people.

  1. Tracé du GR221 GR221 Let' go ! (French only)
  2. Tracé du GR10 GR10 Let' go ! (French only)
  3. Tracé de l'Asie South-east Asia Let' go !
  4. Tracé de l'EuroVélo 6 Eurovelo 6 Let' go !
  5. Tracé de Landmannalaugar Landmannalaugar Let' go !
  6. Divers Others Let' go !

So, ready to go ?

To make easier for you the settings of your trip, we have some advices from our own journeys. Feel free to have a look and to share your mind about it to improve them.

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