« On the way, the better it is to get lost. When gets lost, projects give way to surprises and it was then, and only then, that the journey begins. »Nicolas Bouvier

Our trips are always motivated by something we both share : desire. The desire to be elsewhere, to break away from the routine, to step out of our comfort zone, to stumble into different people and cultures. The desire, quite simply, to live. And when that desire becomes a need… well, that’s when we start packing.

When organising our trips, we allow ourselves to be led by chance and unexpected encounters, preferring live from day-to-day to having a complete pre-planned itinerary. The idea is get out there ; the destination is less of a concern to us. Because the road itself is, in many ways, our destination.


Laura likes all kinds of small animals, especially Rourou. She likes making bentos and baking cakes and goat cheese with a glass of red wine. She also likes books and comics books, and being surrounded by people.

Vincent likes challenges and pushing himself physically. He likes motorbikes and beautiful bicycles. He enjoys beautiful landscapes and the wild, and potatoes and eating soup when it’s cold outside. He loves tinkering with and hacking things, especially bicycles.

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